want to lose weight, remember these basic things always

lose weight

lose weight and gain fitness should be goal of each individual.

Weight gain or Obesity

In today’s modern times, almost everyone is troubled by the problem of increasing weight. Fatness has taken the form of a big problem today. As such, India is developing and moving forward, however, this problem is increasing. Out of the country’s 130 million population, approximately 6.5 million people suffer from obesity problems. This is a horrific figure, which is a major constraint to become a healthy country. Most obesity is the cause of obesity, and we all know this.

Obesity has become a common problem even in developed countries, but being common with this disease does not mean that we do not take it seriously. Obesity needs to be taken very much if you want to live a healthy life. Otherwise the diseases are open to your mouth, to make you your prey.

Marriage and Obesity

Although obesity can be seen in any age, but most people are confused with this problem after marriage. After marriage, it is seen that the weight of most people begins to grow. And often people do not even pay attention to it. After marriage, people become so busy in their marital life that this and meditation do not go almost well. The reason for this is also that the marriage man seems careless towards his body. Humans work very well after their marriage to their good looks.

After marriage, the man becomes quite active in sex life. Being active in sex life increases the happy hormones of both the man and woman. After marriage, human beings are happy, except for some exceptions. On the other hand, after marriage, girls also try a lot in cooking, they create new dish and feed them. After marriage, husband wife is busy keeping each other happy. They give each other a lot of time but do not take time for themselves. Due to lack of time, it is natural that they will be able to pay attention to a lot of work on their own body.

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Often women engage themselves in household chores. So the unarmed man keeps on tuning in office and at home and responsibilities. Before marriage, a person remains single and together he is quite active. He also has time to pay attention to his body. Humans keep trying themselves smartly. Many times the boys who have seen gymnasium, yoga, walking or any other physical exercise before marriage are almost closed. In the modern machine era, machines are available at home for every work. By which the person who was physically present in the form of a person becomes also a man. For all these reasons, humans have to face obesity problem two to four.

First step to fitness or lose weight

Now that you have made sure that you have to fit or remain fit, then you should read further, otherwise not.

In the first place let me tell you there is no shortcut to be fit, this is the result of what we shortcut in everything that people are getting older today. So if you are getting fat due to the shortcut, how can you treat it with a shortcut? So if someone is thinking that I am telling a shortcut in that, then they are completely wrong. If you are reading this post because of these shortcuts, please do not expect any shortcut formula. Yes but you will not have a shortcut but will tell a very simple formula that you will understand at a time. You do not have to mind more. No big chunk multiplication is to be divided. I’ll just tell you a simple thing. You have to remember it.

Fat and energy relation keep in mind – lose weight

If you are a normal person, you do not have any problem of hormones, so the only reason for obesity is that we do not work as much as we do. The simple thing is that if you put one liter of water in any compartment and only half a liter is coming out from it, one day that will be full. Now the box will stop taking water after fixing, but our body is not like it will not stop taking it, it will only become fat. Just like that one man needs 2,500kcal energy daily to keep himself running, and a needy woman needs 2,000kcal energy per day. If we consume excess energy from food, it will increase our fatness, but if you take excessive energy from it and spend it too, then you will not be big. So the simple fund you spend as much energy as you have eaten the energy you eat. So you’ll be absolutely fit. So those who are fit, just remember that they are spending as much as they have eaten or not. Regardless of what you are taking in the food, find out once her energy quote. By the way we eat normal wage.

Must, be Inspired somehow

If we want to do any hard work, there is only one way to simplify it that you have to find a purpose to get it. You decide for yourself why you have to do that work. You set a goal for yourself and decide together why you want to achieve that goal. Likewise, you decide on your own why you have to be fit. It is not necessary that only the big people follow it, which is fit, also decide in their own self why they do not have to give them a chance. It is not necessary to remedy the disease only if we try it, we try not to take sickness. We should decide that we have had ourselves weeks now. We decide that we have to keep a good look at ourselves now. We decide that we still have to keep reminding ourselves of our life partner. We decide that we do not eat all the dishes in a few years and have to eat the dish forever. We are foody and will always remain flutterless, we decide, less bloating, there is always stress or stress on some.In this way, if we create a passion in ourselves, then nothing will be impossible for us

Be passionate always to lose weight

Together we will do any work for a very long time. Believe it, some iron will start workout today by reading this post and will be closed by next week. Because they have not decided the purpose in themselves, they have not created passion in themselves. So friends will have to create you passion. There will be no excuse. This is the most rubbish excuse of not getting the time. No matter, I have a solution to this problem. I do not even get the time. In this case, I work out in the night, I have done it even at ten at ten o’clock, so please do not get time to make this excuse sometimes. You have to manage the time so that you can distinguish your goal.

 A sample Indian food and energy vol. 

Breakfast – Poha / Idli / Daliya

Lunch – Four Chapati Dal Vegetable

Evening snack light

Dinner – Four Roti Vegetable One Glass Milk

The total energy of the above mentioned energy comes to 2200-2500 kcal. If you take your total energy count off a few times and see how much your energy total is coming to you. If you are fit and your food energy count is also in the limit then you only maintain it. You will always be fit. If you are eating more, your food needs to be as much as needed. But if you have obesity then you have to do two things.

energy and fat burn relation remember to lose weight

1- Work your food and that is also not in balanced amounts. You do dieting on flowers and make jumping ill. You can bring your diet to 1500 kcal. Reducing more than this can harm you. And when you feel hungry, take a low energy diet like that of cucumber, salad, fruit and water, if you feel hungry

2- You have to do your workout. So that you are ABA So far, there is a high energy that can now burn your body fat. You have to burn energy.

This will save you double energy by eating a little less food and doing another workout.

you may know energy production of your food by following link

Best ways to Workout and type to lose weight

First of all, for workouts, you choose the time so that you can choose the time you can do everyday. You can beseech your mind only after one week. Do you have an option

  1. Wake up early in the morning 2 3 in the evening Before eating at night (who is bedridden)

The time has been chosen which you could follow for a long time, not like that morning, and you do not feel like rising up from the third day, if so, then choose both of them.

Nowadays there is a lot of sardine smartwatch in the market, there is a lot of cheap too, take one purchase so that you will always be able to see how much energy you have burned.

Note – It will be a lot of benefits, it will always push you that you have to burn more energy now.

You should decide in your workout how much energy you have to burn, keep in mind that this is a long process, there is no magic, if you get fatty in 2 weeks, then fix the energy burn in a limit, you can get 350 to 500 kcal Can take.

For example, if you burn daily 400kcal energy and you are consuming less than 500kcal of energy, then this 500kcal of your body will be supplied with your body’s fat ie Fat and will gradually become thin.

You choose jogging in your workout which is the best workout, start with a 15-minute jogging later, after two weeks, you should at least 30 minutes of jogging, in which approximately you will burn 280 kcal energy. Whenever you get the chance to try walking on it, you will also burn about 100kcal energy.

If you get lost, let’s say inclined, it is very beneficial, but the double energy burns by the normal word. You can do swimming in the summer season. If you can not race then definitely do 45 minutes.

Fitness is an boon keep it up always

The body that does so much for the sake of the body, makes you get started with every color of this life. Your happiness is a companion of sorrow. Your biggest friend is to spend some time with him. If you give him time, then he will let you enjoy the green color of life from that life. That’s right, he does not. Remember that the time you give to your body, it will give you a lot of comfort, see you and you will surely have many moves. though lose weight is not simple but it is if you enjoy it.


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