How Americans changed after frequently visiting India

How Americans changed after frequently visiting India

A lot of people comes to travel India. India is multicultural and diversified country. If anyone visit to India , he may assume that he would be visit desert land , mountains, beaches, plains, plateaus, basins etc. in a single country. see here below How Americans changed after frequently visiting India.

On a average more than 5 million people visit India every year. This number is increasing day by day. Indian Tourism also campaign to attract more tourist. Indian government provide them best facilities and environment. Indian also always welcome them. India always treat their guest with utmost respect and care. As Indian culture says “Atihi Devo Bhavah” means guest is like a God treat him like that.

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India is so much lovely, peaceful, culturally rich  country. So often foreign visitors  love to visit India again and again. So they become frequent visitors of India.

Some Americans also visit India frequent India. During my latest train journey I came across such a nice Americans lady. She have visited India many times. In conversation she told me ” How her frequent visits to India changed her behavior and her habits”.

As per her account-

Since visiting India numerous times, a few things have changed about me.

  • I don’t wear shoes in my house.
  • I offer people food and other stuff when they come to visit my home.
  • My vocabulary has changed.. shift, mobile, fastly, off the lights, etc.
  • Now I use WhatsApp, Rather than SMS, Facebook, iMessages which are more popular in USA .
  • I think it’s strange that most of us just know the 1 language when most Indians I know are fluent in 3+ languages. Now I am learning other languages also.
  • I treat strangers as family and always welcome them with warm heart.
  • I don’t stop at stop signs. I do slow down, I’m not completely mad.
  • I keep plastic covers on new items like remote, stuffed toys etc. It looks very cool and clean.
  • I realized it is very easy to braid your hair, rather than spend a lot of time to style it.
  • I love butt hoses.

So by above points we may clearly see  How Americans changed after frequently visiting India

So as per account she acquired quite a good habits after numerous visits to India. There is some bad habit also she mentioned which she acquired, but positive habits are more in number. So it is also good part of her  and positive approach so that  she learned quite a good things more rather than bad ones.

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